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Mark S.

  • 35 Students
  • 228 Classes
  • 31.08 /Hr
4.8 (3  Ratings)

DR Mark Smith has 30 years teaching experience both in the UK and overseas. He has taught Key stage1,2,3,GCSE and A levels in specific subjects such as English Language, Literature, Mathematics ,Science, Economics Government and Politics. ,Religion and Philosophy, Law, History ,German, Latin and Classical Studies .Some of these subjects he has taught to degree level. He can also offer IELTS,ESOL and TEFL and 11 /13 Plus entry plus exams .He gets excellent results and has testimonials and references to this affect. He is an accomplished PHD student with a track record in diverse and challenging environments including political/economic research, journalism, International education, culture, diplomacy ,religion and SEN/ALN. He also teaches horse riding, out door theatre, sword fencing and archery. He was awarded a Medal of Honor by HRH, the Duke of Kent at St James Palace in recognition of building educational and cultural relations between different races, faiths and cultures .He has also introduced youth groups to the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop of Canterbury. Mark is widely travelled and taught all over the world and is currently writing a novel based on his experiences. Mark constructs a bespoke educational programme which is constantly monitored .He can meet the needs of the individual or lasses and can help with University applications(UCAS),personal statements ad interview techniques. On a personal level ,Mark is a married man with three children and seven grand daughters. He is Director of the German Cultural Centre in Wales. He piloted the EPQ in Wales which us a highly regarded qualification which the Universities admire because It is research based with no exams. Mark's wife is a herbalist and teaches pharmacy and alternative therapies.

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