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With online classes, students benefit from one-to-one tuition in a our state-of-the-art virtual classroom, and because classes can take place from wherever you happen to be, no valuable lesson time is wasted on commuting, an hour booked is an hour spent studying.

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We have had many requests for small group classes and will soon be launching to add to our 1-1 bespoke tutor classes. The benefits are small dedicated classes to enhance learning at reduced costs. Email us today to register your interest and let us know what subjects and year group you would be interested in.

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Coby L.

  • 0 Students
  • 0 Classes
  • 25 /Hr
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Hello, my name is Coby, I am from Shenzhen, a city in the south of China. My first Chinese student was my husband, who is British, and he can communicate with my family in Chinese now. Whether you want to pass exams or would just like to learn Chinese as a hobby, I can help you. In my lessons, you will not only learn the origin and structure of Chinese characters, pronunciation and grammar, but you will also learn about Chinese history and customs. I will help you to improve your spoken Chinese and to communicate with other people in Chinese. I would love to share my native language and culture with you! Looking forward to meet you here! 大家好,我是黄老师,我来自于深圳,现居伦敦。 我的第一个汉语学生是我的丈夫,他是一个英国人,但他现在可以用中文和我的家人愉快地交流。 我很乐意与您分享我的母语!无论您是想通过汉语考试还是想学习流利地说汉语,我都可以助你一臂之力。 在我的课堂上,你不仅会学习汉字的起源和结构、发音和语法,您还会了解到中国的历史文化和风俗习惯。如果你想提高你的汉语口语,并用中文与其他人交流,我欢迎你来找我。希望你享受你的中文探索之旅,期待在这里见到你!

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Melanie C.

  • 1 Student
  • 1 Class
  • 20 /Hr
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I am cheerful, motivated, dedicated and enjoy ensuring all students are supported, appropriately challenged and inspired at every level. I am a solutions-centric person, able to adapt to changing requirements and environments with a positive, can-do attitude and flexible approach to work schedule.

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