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With online classes, students benefit from one-to-one tuition in a our state-of-the-art virtual classroom, and because classes can take place from wherever you happen to be, no valuable lesson time is wasted on commuting, an hour booked is an hour spent studying.

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We have had many requests for small group classes and will soon be launching to add to our 1-1 bespoke tutor classes. The benefits are small dedicated classes to enhance learning at reduced costs. Email us today to register your interest and let us know what subjects and year group you would be interested in.

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Ella H.

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I am a qualified primary teacher, with experience working with students exhibiting challenging behaviours. I have an MSc in Psychology, as well as qualifications in autism awareness and dyslexia therapy. I am a highly motivated, hard-working individual and thrive in challenging situations. In my previous roles I have developed excellent communication skills and have demonstrated that I can take on responsibility whilst consistently achieving very high standards. I am a very quick learner and have excellent attention to detail, even when working under pressure. Since leaving university in 2013, I have had the opportunity to develop a range of skills, including administration, organisation and time management, and have developed confident presentation and communication skills.

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