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Megan D.

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My name is Megan and I am a Chemistry graduate of Queen Mary University of London (Russell Group) graduating with a 1st Class degree. I have over 3 years of tuition experience both online and in person in the following subject levels: • Chemistry assignment and examination support up to undergraduate level (including access courses and adult learning courses) • A-Level/ AS-Level Chemistry • GCSE Maths • GCSE Science (including GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics individually) • KS2 and KS3 Maths and Science My previous experience comes from being selected by Queen Mary University as an A-level and AS level Chemistry tutor and mentor for local Colleges. Here I used my knowledge and own experience of sitting those exams to help students reach their academic potential. Subsequently, I have been trained to offer guidance and advice with UCAS applications and further career choices. Additionally, I have tutored Sciences and Maths at GCSE level for 'Team Up' and have worked as a private tutor full-time for the last 8 months helping over 30 students substantially improve their grades. My tutoring experience has given me experience in working with students completing exams with various exam boards (OCR, AQA, EDEXCEL) as well as offering assignment help to a range of students taking access courses or undergraduate courses in Chemistry and Chemistry related fields. I have learnt successful techniques for helping individuals recognise the way they learn best and utilising this approach in their personal study time. I personally enjoy making tutoring session’s fun, engaging and relevant by making links between the syllabus and current developments and applications within the topic.

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