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London , Greater London

I have over 15 years’ experience in tutoring, coaching and mentoring. I would estimate that I have delivered approximately 8000 hours of tuition 1:1 and in group sessions since 2009. I am Fully Certified by The British Government, Cambridge University and ‘Tutoring Standards’, the only Tutoring Body that assesses and awards qualifications in the practice of one-to-one teaching. I am a Native English Speaker and I proudly provide a quintessentially British education to my global clientele. Cambridge University I am a Postgraduate in Teaching from The University of Cambridge - my qualification is, in Cambridge University’s own words, “the gold standard teaching qualification”. Oxford University – My current work I was headhunted by Oxford University for my expertise and reputation. Oxford has entrusted me with the honour of sculpting the next iterations of their globally-revered Undergraduate Courses. Each course is a worldwide beacon of academic brilliance and each syllabus I oversee is continually evolving to encapsulate the latest scholarly insights and the latest cutting-edge teaching methodology. Concurrently, I am at the helm of orchestrating a groundbreaking initiative at Oxford University. I am steering a monumental grant application that stands as a beacon of innovation and promise. This venture is poised to catalyze groundbreaking research through the prestigious, globally-acclaimed Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Postdoctoral Fellowship, a Fellowship revered as the pinnacle of European grants, fuelled by a staggering budget of EUR 260.47 million. I also have the privilege of working with Globally-Revered Academic Institutions at the absolute zenith of academia and human brilliance in the 21st Century – Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge), Trinity College at Cambridge, Eton College and Eton’s King’s Scholars, Charterhouse, Haberdashers’, Harrow School, Merchant Taylors’, Westminster School, Winchester College, The US-UK Fulbright Commission and The Fulbright Scholarship for $287.5 million, The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship for EUR 260.47 million, The British Academy Grants for £54.99 million, The British National Health Service (NHS) and many others. 11+ – I am an 11+ specialist and am currently tutoring Years 4 and 5 for 11+ in English Comprehension, English Creative Writing, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and Exam Preparation. My students consistently achieve the best 11+ results in the whole of London. My students have a 100% pass rate year on year for over a decade. 90% of my students achieve an A or an A+. We are consistently rated the best 11+ tutors in London and our students have secured over 2000 entrance offers. Eton College and Eton’s King’s Scholars I have now launched my 2024 Eton and Eton’s King’s Scholars’ Student Placement Schemes. I have a 100% track record of success with the prestigious Eton College, both in terms of securing places for students at Eton and in winning the highly sought-after Eton’s King’s Scholarship which pays 90% of a student’s fees. Law I have a Masters in Law and a Law (LLB) Hons Degree. I am currently tutoring a number of law students at the A-Level, Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels. What I teach: I teach: English Language English Comprehension English Creative Writing Business English English as a Foreign Language (EFL / ESL / ESOL) English Literature Mathematics Biology Chemistry Physics Verbal Reasoning Non-verbal Reasoning Law Exam Preparation I am also able to teach any curriculum or syllabus including: Key Stages 1 - 5 OCR – Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations AQA and Oxford AQA Edexcel – Educational Excellence Cambridge IGCSE International Baccalaureate (IB) UKiset University curriculums I have a database of lessons which I am able to deliver immediately, either 1:1 or to whole classes. Who I teach: I have taught children and adults of all ages and all levels i.e. A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 and beginner, intermediate and advanced. Case study 1: I take great pride in running a number of charitable initiatives. I have recently launched Operation Prometheus whereby I offer free online tutoring, coaching and mentoring for any child or adult caught in a warzone (or in an area affected by a warzone) anywhere in the world. More information here - https://visvanexus.com/operation-prometheus/ This charitable initiative is already reaching people in need as I am currently very honoured to be delivering online lessons to people in the heart of the warzone in Ukraine. I anticipate expanding to delivering lessons in Israel and Palestine within a month. Case study 2: I am currently consulting free of charge on a sexual health education curriculum in Cambodia. I am helping medical professionals design, curate and deliver a curriculum to teachers and teenagers 11 – 17 years old. For the first time, we have been given permission to discuss LGBTQ+ issues as part of the curriculum and we are therefore breaking new ground in Cambodia in how we expand the syllabus to include sexual education for LGBTQ+ people. More information here - https://visvanexus.com/sexual- health-education-in-cambodia/ The first lessons have already been delivered in January 2024. Case study 3: I have the honour of working with Oxford University on researching, designing and delivering their globally-revered Undergraduate courses. The work is very exacting and intensive yet highly rewarding and I am working with leading Oxford academics in creating syllabuses that are global beacons of the latest academic discoveries and cutting-edge teaching methodology to ensure our courses truly resonate with our students. Case Study 4: I have the honour of working closely with a leading Oxford academic as a personal researcher and assistant. When I began working for this academic, their schedule was extremely busy with multiple international conferences, roundtables, lectures, interviews, presentations and workshops not to mention their own academic work and research. To be frank, I feared the academic was close to burnout and their academic affairs were in disarray. I began by documenting and ordering their work in order of deadlines and by streamlining their commitments through eliminating work that was not strictly necessary. This led to the academic being under much less pressure and stress and they were able to interview successfully for a number of prestigious positions at leading global universities with the aid of my research. This academic has a number of family and friends in Israel and, when the current war broke out, they understandably became very upset. The academic reached out to me and entrusted me with the lion’s share of their work to allow them the latitude to fly to Israel and, over the course of a number of weeks, ensure the safety of their loved ones. Whilst the academic was abroad, I liaised regularly with them and was able to finish researching several different areas to allow them to submit their application for a prestigious research grant on time. Student Placement Schemes I will shortly be launching student placement schemes for Oxford and Cambridge (Oxbridge), Trinity College at Cambridge, Charterhouse, Haberdashers’, Harrow School, Merchant Taylors’, Westminster School and Winchester College. Scholarships and Grants I also guide applicants in various scholarships and grants including the US-UK Fulbright Commission and The Fulbright Scholarship for $287.5 million, The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship for EUR 260.47 million and The British Academy Grants for £54.99 million. Charitable and Social Initiatives I take great pride in running a range of charitable and social initiatives. I am currently spearheading: • Operation Prometheus – Free online tutoring, coaching and mentoring for any child or adult caught in a warzone (or in an area affected by a warzone) anywhere in the world. • Sexual Health Education in Cambodia – Free educational consultation on curriculums in Cambodia. • Operation Persephone – My cornerstone initiative to ensure your digital safety and protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of the Internet, social media and artificial intelligence. Police Bravery Award Beyond the educational sphere, I am profoundly honoured to have been selected to receive the coveted “Police Bravery Award” for my actions in apprehending a man who was attacking members of the public with a machete.

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