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With online classes, students benefit from one-to-one tuition in a our state-of-the-art virtual classroom, and because classes can take place from wherever you happen to be, no valuable lesson time is wasted on commuting, an hour booked is an hour spent studying.

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We have had many requests for small group classes and will soon be launching to add to our 1-1 bespoke tutor classes. The benefits are small dedicated classes to enhance learning at reduced costs. Email us today to register your interest and let us know what subjects and year group you would be interested in.

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  • 25 /Hr
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I am a friendly, hardworking and dedicated primary school teacher with a passion for helping children become the best versions of themselves! I have a first class degree in Primary Education Studies and a Primary PGCE

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Smriti R.

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  • 30 /Hr
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I am an enthusiastic, hardworking and reliable individual, studied for PGCE (Maths) with QTS at Sheffield Hallam University having 12 years of teaching experience. I work at The Grangefield Academy, Stockton-On-Tees where I taught Maths to pupils of years 7-11 covering all ability range. I believe that for successful tutoring, I possess good communication skills, the ability to adapt the lesson as per prior knowledge of individual pupil and effective mentoring skills. I encourage and motivate pupils to take a responsible and conscientious attitude to study by making it relevant to real life situations.I have experience to independently plan and deliver Maths lessons covering a range of GCSE topics. I offer a personalised learning programme for every individual pupil bridging the gap in learning. I understand that building a good rapport, breaking the ice in relations is very important to create and maintain a positive learning environment. I have the ability to teach a particular concept in a variety of different ways, showing patience while delivering the lesson, actively listening to a pupil’s concern and providing my subject knowledge expertise to make them understand difficult concepts. During my lessons, I use assessment for learning through questioning and problem solving, helping to encourage high order thinking skills and to identify the areas in which pupil need more support. This allows me to secure progress through a sequence of lessons over time. I use different colours, pictures, videos, highlighters to impart information which makes my classroom interactive and engaging for students, encouraging them to type, draw and annotate, directly responding to learning prompts. This makes the learning more memorable for my students. My Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance from the University of Delhi, India has taught me the value of rigour, hard work and attention to small details. Before starting my teaching career in India, I worked as an accountant for CEMEX UK Operations for six years. It allowed me to experience different cultures, meet different people, and learn new skills. My nine years of Accountancy teaching experience in India has inspired me to continue, as I developed a long-lasting bond with teaching and learning. I have gained an understanding of Rosenshine’s principles of instruction and cognitive load theory, on how to scaffold learning by breaking the new information into chunks, providing worked examples and guided practice to enable the learners to follow new concepts without experiencing cognitive overload. Thus I am truly of the opinion that tutoring is all about sharing knowledge, insights and experience which involves compassion, generosity, and commitment to be genuinely invested in a pupil’s growth and help them make progress in the right direction.

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Veda B.

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  • 45 /Hr
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