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Launched in 2011, Pupil Premium is a Government-led initiative that allocates funding to help close the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their peers. Pupils in receipt of free school meals and looked after children in England are eligible to benefit from the funding. Initially, schools were given £625 million extra and this has increased over successive years. For the financial year 2015-2016, the Government plans on spending £2.545 billion.

In essence, Pupil Premium aims to create a more positive outcome for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, enabling greater opportunity for their future success.


Ofsted research into Pupil Premium spending shows that targeted one-to-one tuition helps to develop and raise children's knowledge where it is needed most.

One particular primary school reported that small group tuition in English and mathematics for pupils who were underachieving worked well, while noting that for some pupils more intensive individual tuition would work better. The same school found that in 2012 the proportion of pupils attaining Level 4 or above, both in English and mathematics increased overall. Evidence clearly suggests that effective group or individual tuition raises pupils' attainment.

At Tutors Valley, we feel passionately about the opportunities good education creates. We know that children who possess a sound knowledge of core subjects in primary school have a smoother transition to secondary. At secondary level, Pupil Premium allows teachers to identify skills gaps in eligible students and address these with relevant and targeted tuition.


Our experienced subject specialist tutors span the length and breadth of the National Curriculum. From mathematics and physics tutors to English and French tutors, all are experts in their respective subjects and committed to children's learning, development and progression.

We carefully match each student and tutor, and this then becomes the student's dedicated tutor for the duration of their studies. Our approach to finding the best tutor for each student takes into consideration not only learning goals, but the student's personality and preferred learning styles.

The welfare and safety of our pupils and students is paramount. So, as with any education setting in the UK, our tutors undergo all the relevant background and safety DBS checks necessary to work with children and young adults


Unlike most private tuition companies, we don't charge a flat rate for classes. Pricing is set only after we have carried out an assessment of the child's learning needs and then set accordingly. We believe this is a fairer way to tailor our pricing and makes private tuition accessible to everyone who needs it.

We forge a strong working relationship with each school to help understand a child's learning needs so we can work to achieve the best outcome for every pupil. We want nothing more than to see our pupils and students succeed, so after devising a personalised education plan with clear objectives, we'll provide regular feedback and assessment on pupils' progress to ensure they are reaching their goals.

We offer minimum 60 minutes sessions

Pupil Premium

At Tutors Valley, we work closely with schools to understand their challenges. Our de...

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