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Independent schools teach across the age-range spectrum, with each transition from one phase of learning to the next representing a pivotal time in a child's life. The transition from preparatory to senior school and finally sixth form are key milestones in a young person's life that go on to shape future success.

To best prepare children for each unique challenge, Tutors Valley is on hand throughout four of the most important educational milestones, namely the 11 and 13+ preparation and exam. We also have experienced tutors to support students through GESE, International Baccalaureate (IB), and A Levels.

We provide both one-to-one and small group online tuition, as an effective way of enhancing and consolidating learning. Because every child's learning needs are unique, we take an holistic approach to tutoring, be it in supporting students in understanding theory and concepts, problem solving or preparing for exams. This approach enables pupils to progress and develop in areas where they need it most.

Our subject specialist teachers include mathematics, English, science and language tutors, so we are well placed to support your child's learning through key educational milestones, while preparing him or her to achieve success in their learning goals.

We think a unified approach to learning is the most effective way for pupils and students to realise their goals. So, as well as working closely with parents, we consult with pupils' school teachers, as needed. This gives us a truly panoptic view of a child's progress and learning objectives, as well as being ideally placed to offer expert advice and guidance.

Our experienced team of tutors have experience in preparing students throughout the UK for the Common Entrance. Each tutor has specific knowledge of a geographic area and can advise on schools and the local authority within the locale.

It should be noted that like independent schools, grammar schools also operate their admissions based on the 11+ exam. While the tests for both types of schools are similar they're not, however, identical; independent schools use standard tests and grammar schools use multiple choice tests, as such, each should be prepared for with a unique study programme